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Get to know who you're hiring! Here is an insight into each of The Good Buggers & a highlight of their strengths, so you can see why Chris Ryan Plumbing & Drainage strives to be the best in the business.

The Good Buggers

Chris Ryan AKA “The Bossy Bugger”
Chris started Chris Ryan Plumbing aged 25 in 1992. It was a tough year, the competition was fierce. When he started, it was to be a Lifestyle business he wanted to be his own Boss, work a little, go fishing, work a little more, go fishing. He never had a vision for the company, no goals – other than to be able to go fishing whenever possible. He certainly had no goal for growth, it but happened and fast. He employed his 1st staff member Paul in 1994, and the business grew rapidly from there gaining reputation for service, reliability and honesty we now have a stable staff of 10 servicing the Waikato area. Chris said “Five years ago I had a team of 19 employees - that was very, very challenging to say the least. That experience taught me how much of asset good staff are to my business and how lucky I am now. Today we have a tight team & I am very proud of my Crew”.

Paul Hughes – AKA “The Loyal Bugger”
Hughsie, my right hand man has been with me for 21 years. He is a Registered Plumber and a Drainlayer. He has the biggest smile, sings all day, and the customers love him. He is a hard worker, will just power through the work leaving others in his wake. He is our ‘McGivor’: if anything needs nutting out he’s your man. The others look up to him for his ability to problem solve, his speed and skills, his rapport with the clients and his mateship. Hughsie hails from the Naki but we try not to hold it against him; he’s also not a bad fisherman for a West Coast boy. Mr. Competitive so he hates to lose. He took it out on us during our most recent Go-Kart race. 

Greg Abbott – AKA “The Industrious Bugger”
Greg is a Registered Drain-layer, a very, very experienced Digger Operator who has worked with me for a number of years subcontracting before joining the company to run our drainage team ten years ago. Greg is a very industrious worker who likes to get stuck in & get the job done and takes pride in what he does and in doing it well. He’s well respected by the Council Inspectors & clients for his care and attention to detail. I can bet you that there aren’t many places around Cambridge that Greg hasn’t laid! Loves fishing but hardly gets his boat out.

Kim Cronin AKA “Organised Bugger” 
Kim is our administrator who joined us a whole ten years ago. She has streamlined our office processes and set up efficient systems to the benefit of the company and our clients. She is bright, bubbly, loyal, energetic and passionate in her role. She has an amazing memory and she recalls details about clients and jobs so is the go to person for all the staff. As our organiser she keeps everyone in line – including me! If you want it to happen, let Kim know, she will make it happen. She may waltz around all day in stilettos but is one of the boys when it comes to fishing! In fact she beat all the man in a fishing comp with a whopping 18 pound Snapper.

Paul Dutton AKA “The Fastidious Bugger”
Paul Dutton, or Dutz joined us 7 years ago. He is a fully registered Plumber and is in the process of working through papers to gain his Craftsman Certificate. Paul is reliable and careful to a fault in his work we never get call backs from his jobs. Clients love him, they personally request him, he is the proverbial ‘Boy Next Door’, polite, well presented, fastidious and a perfectionist in his work habits. Dutz is a ‘do it once do it right sort of man!’ He is also a Health & Fitness nut, into kayaking, rowing, biking; he really loves anything sporty. Told to move down other end of boat when fishing – we hate tangles....

James Pocock AKA “The Diligent Bugger”
James – ‘Pococks’, came to us as an adult apprentice 10 years ago, after spending several years as a Plumbing Merchant Sales Rep. With his experience in that field he has brought a wealth of knowledge that is appreciated by our clients. James flew through his apprenticeship in record time, and is now qualified as a Craftsman Plumber and gasfitter. He is very diligent, wants to be the best in whatever he does and is cautious and reliable in all his work. Whatever James puts his mind to; he does with full noise literally. Anyone who has heard him laugh will know what I mean! James feeds the fish a bit of Berley for us.

Glyn Davies AKA “Educated Bugger”
Glyn is our newer bugger. A local boy, we were happy to welcome him onto the team bringing with him the qualification of Craftsman Plumber & Gasfitter so we were able to add Gasfitting to our list of services. Glyn is reliable, studious, honest and diligent with his upskilling. Keen on most sports he gets involved with football, mountain biking, skiing and fishing whenever he can. He recently became a Father for the second time so we are working on keeping him awake. He has been banned from winning any more of our competitions after winning both our NRL & fishing comps in his first year with us!

Shona Hunt AKA “The Welcoming Bugger”
Anyone who has popped in or rung us in the past 5 years will know what an asset Shona is to our Frontline. She has a great phone manner, is extremely efficient, shows great initiative and is so welcoming to our valued clients. It also helps that the boys find her very easy on the eye..... She is learnt fast how to deal with them and keep them all in line. Being “Mum” to two twin 15 year old boys and two year old Lara keeps her fit and pretty busy when she’s not here. 
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